Book Review: Nowhere Safe by Dianna Love


Thanks to a traitor,Slye Temp agent Josh Carrington should have died during the blown UK mission, but he didn’t. Scars fade and nightmares can be managed, but he’ll never forget watching an innocent woman die because she trusted him. Tempted by the best, he sticks to Personal Rule Number One: Never mix business with pleasure.

Slye Temp sends Josh to uncover a leak in a DEA task force…a mole in league with the traitor who betrayed the UK team. A deadly shipment is bound for the US and nothing will stop Josh from taking down this mole, blocking the shipment, and nabbing the traitor. Not even Trish Jackson, hardheaded sister of his #1 DEA suspect.

A faceless stalker has turned Trish’s life into a living nightmare and threatens to kill anyone who helps her, including Josh, the new man on her brother’s task force who has planted both unwelcome feet in the middle of her world and refuses to leave. The closer Josh gets to the twisted truth, the more he struggles to keep Trish out of harm’s way–and his bed–but the sultry firecracker gets under his skin like no other woman, forcing him to question everything, starting with Rule Number One.

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My Review:

I have to say I fell in love with the characters in this book. Trish is a sassy, sexy, southern belle; and Josh is one dead sexy hunk. I don’t know about anyone else but one of my favorite parts in a book is the romantic dance between two characters. And the dance in this book is scorching hot. The intricate detail that Dianna weaves onto the pages is no less than impressive, you’d think she was former CIA, or FBI! This story is chock full of action, white hot romance, shocking twists and intelligence.

On a very personal note I found myself really connecting with Trish, who is an alcoholic and has a very protective brother named Zane (you have to read his book, Last Chance to Run). I have a sister who’s also an alcoholic, and has the same name; and considering how over protective I am of my little sister this book really hit home for me on several occasions. The way Dianna wrote Trish’s situation on being an alcoholic was very spot on. Through out the book I kept nodding and “yepping” to her reactions to situations. I love that Zane never gave up on his sister. Until the day I die I know I’ll never give up on mine.

Now I just have to wait for the next Slye Temp romantic thriller: Honeymoon to Die For.

Books Made into Movies

In general, I really hate books that have been made into movies. Especially Stephen King books. Pet Cemetery left me disgusted. The only SK I’ve ever enjoyed on screen..err TV was The Stand. I’ve always thought there just wasn’t enough time on screen to give the books justice, but a TV movie that lasted a few days, that’s a different story.  So like most people if I’ve read the book then go to see the movie I’m usually disappointed. Most current example would be Hunger Games. I was pretty  much disgusted by the time I left the theater, so many things changed and left out. For me when you cut so much out of the story it changes the story completely, like deleting a character, the whole mocking jay pin deal, and Peeta – hello stocky is not short – and hello again he lost a leg!! Don’t get me started on Katniss and the ear thing..  Now movies I have enjoyed are the whole LOTR and Harry Potter’s. Those I love to death!   I saw Beautiful Creatures and loved the movie (haven’t read the book), but I’ve heard so much was done to that movie, like combining 2 characters into 1… it’s almost unrecognizable from the book.    So what are your thoughts? Any favorite book to movies or what do you despise?   Here’s a link to authors that hate their books made into movies.  Some I knew about ..some I didn’t! 

Click here for: Authors that hate their books made to movies

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We are proud registered bloggers at the 2014 Coastal Magic paranormal romance convention in Daytona Beach, Florida!  Special thank you to Jennifer who is the brilliant mastermind of the event. We attended the convention this past February in St. Augustine Beach, FL and had a blast.  We can’t wait for next year! 

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Kim Harrison, Ever After, book review

It seemed like an eternity to get this book in my hands. Kim Harrison is one of my favorite authors as she combines the lives and stories of witches, demons, fairys, elves, gargoyles and vampires. The story of Rachel Morgan has come a long way and she is the main focus in this story. Rosewood babies are being stolen, the ever after is shrinking and of course Rachel is the one being framed.

Our usual cohorts, Ivy and Jenks are little involved this time. There is a lot of demon and elf involvement in this book. There was also a point that left me in shock and tears, my heart crushed as I read the loss.

In this story some of the characters we get to see are: the cute elf babies Ray and Lucy; we find out how bad a mofo Ku’Sox really is; more of the elves Quen, Trenton, Ellasbeth Withon and Ceri; more demons Al, Newt, Dali; of course the pixies and fairy: Jax, Jenks, Belle; the human, Nick; the vampires: Ivy, Ryan Cormel, Felix, and Nina; and Bis the gargoyle.

My only real disappointment was the devastating loss in the book, and the lack of details surrounding it. Other wise, this book enthralling, I seriously couldn’t put it down. As usual I can’t wait for the next installment.

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J.R. Ward, Lover at Last, book review

Wow this book was a long time coming, and it didn’t disappoint. We’ve seen the relationship between Blay and Qhuinn develop over the past few books. From pretrans to now it’s been a bumpy road for them both. I really wondered how she was going to handle the relationship between Blay and Qhuinn, and to say the least she held nothing back. In my opinion the sex, the relationship, it was as it should be just like the romances between the other brothers and their mates.

In this book we learn alot more about Assail and his love interest Sola, and of course a little more about Xcor and Layla. I have to tell you I really hate the Band of Bastards, not that we are supposed to like them. Personally Wrath is my favorite brother and the thought of Layla and Xcor getting together in any way shape or form in the future makes me ill. Of course only the author will tell us how/if that relationship progresses. Alot of this book focuses on the pregnancy with pieces of the glymera thrown in throughout it. I was surprised that quite a bit of Trez and iAm were in this book, obviously setting up something big for the Shadows next book. Lets face it this book has set up several plots for future books; seeing as all of the brothers have had their books and HEA’s.

My only real disappointment is that the end of the book felt rushed. The HEA was over in what seemed like a blink of an eye. There’s alot of loose ends and so very much to look forward to for the next book which will focus on the King – and I do a little happy dance every time I think of it, more Wrath!