Costal Magic Convention 2014, Daytona Beach, FL

ImageHi everyone!!! If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a huge fan of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Luckily for you… there’s a con for that!

This week, Coastal Magic Convention is opening public registration for next year’s weekend of awesome with authors and readers of UF/PNR fiction. February 6-9, in Daytona Beach, FL, we’ll be hanging out, chatting, and participating in general tomfoolery with some fantastic people. There are Featured Authors are names that you’ll recognize immediately (random sqeeing is permitted, although tacklehugs must be announced and approved prior to the weekend), and some are bound to become new favorites. Join us for panels, meet & greets, bad movie snarking, and all around fun times. Registration is only $70 for the weekend’s full schedule of panels, meet & greets, large author signing, and Character Mixer. There are a few special activities that will require additional tickets. These activities are limited in number, and are very reasonably priced. More details are available on the Coastal Magic Convention website.

Last year’s inaugural event (Olde City, New Blood in St. Augustine, FL) was a blast. I’m confident that this year’s party will be even more fun!! As a special treat… NYT Bestselling author Kevin J Anderson (who won’t be with us this year, due to scheduling conflicts) has offered up a gift for the first 50 people who register during this Blog Blast!!! Huge thanks to Kevin for that, and we hope to have him with us next year! (Gift will be included in your welcome bag at the event.)

The Bad Movie Tweet-up is back!!! This year’s showing of The Covenant, with Master Snarker Damon Suade, was absolutely hilarious. Next year’s title is a secret for now, but rest assured it is worthy. We’ll have a hashtag for everyone who wants to follow along and pitch in from home. Be sure to RSVP early if you want to be a part of this opening night activity.

So… check out the Featured Author list (which is still growing, by the way!!), the other Featured & Registered Bloggers (like ME!!), and get yourself registered for a fantastic weekend with friends and storytellers. Added bonus?? We’ll be in FLORIDA… by the beach… in FEBRUARY!!! I’d call that a win on many levels, lol!!

I personally attended last years Olde City, New Blood in St. Augustine, FL and had such a great time.  The weather was perfect the whole time. I met so many authors and fans it was just an incredible experience.  There was so much going on, it was amazing how much Jennifer was able to pack into one weekend.  Never a dull moment and all the authors were very friendly and all around freaking awesome.  My personal fav’s from last year were Dianna Love, Hildie McQueen, and James R. Tuck which I attended a panel they held.  The featured authors this coming year is so impressive and huge, February 2014 can’t come soon enough!

See you all there!!

Books Made into Movies

In general, I really hate books that have been made into movies. Especially Stephen King books. Pet Cemetery left me disgusted. The only SK I’ve ever enjoyed on screen..err TV was The Stand. I’ve always thought there just wasn’t enough time on screen to give the books justice, but a TV movie that lasted a few days, that’s a different story.  So like most people if I’ve read the book then go to see the movie I’m usually disappointed. Most current example would be Hunger Games. I was pretty  much disgusted by the time I left the theater, so many things changed and left out. For me when you cut so much out of the story it changes the story completely, like deleting a character, the whole mocking jay pin deal, and Peeta – hello stocky is not short – and hello again he lost a leg!! Don’t get me started on Katniss and the ear thing..  Now movies I have enjoyed are the whole LOTR and Harry Potter’s. Those I love to death!   I saw Beautiful Creatures and loved the movie (haven’t read the book), but I’ve heard so much was done to that movie, like combining 2 characters into 1… it’s almost unrecognizable from the book.    So what are your thoughts? Any favorite book to movies or what do you despise?   Here’s a link to authors that hate their books made into movies.  Some I knew about ..some I didn’t! 

Click here for: Authors that hate their books made to movies