Review: Through the Door by Jodi McIsaac


Seven years ago the love of Cedar McLeod’s life left her with no word of warning.  Cedar discovers their daughter, Eden, has a powerful magical gift. She can open portals through bedroom door.  Eden soon finds out her long lost lover has more secrets then she could possibly imagine.   When her daughter vanishes Cedar finds herself battling monsters, mythical creatures, and dealing with Celtic myths.


First I have to remark what a beautiful cover this is, just stunning!  Personally, I have always been interested in anything Celtic related so I was anxious to find out how this story played out.  Through the Door did a perfect job of combining myths of Tir na nog, and ancient druid magic.

Through the Door was a powerful story, it gripped me from the first chapter. The vivid scenes from the “portals” that the child, Eden, created were fascinating.  The struggle of Cedar, trying to comprehend this new world of magic she never knew existed, the many betrayals and deceit from loved ones; all that would probably drive me crazy.  But Cedar is a strong female and she will do anything to find her daughter.   I won’t say who captured Eden, but I sure would like to slap that selfish SOB into the netherworld!

I also loved the mystery surrounding Finn, Cedar’s lost love.  It killed me waiting to find out anything I could about him and his sudden disappearance.

Through the Door also involves mermaids and leprechauns which I absolutely adore it when authors combine more than one type of “fae species” in a story.

Not everyone in Through the Door gets their HEA – but that’s what makes it so interesting with the many plot twists in the story.  It left me guessing till the very end exactly who would win this good versus evil tug of war.


Hello! I’m the author of THROUGH THE DOOR, the first book in the Celtic urban fantasy series The Thin Veil. Book #2, INTO THE FIRE, is being released December 10.

I grew up in New Brunswick, Canada. After stints as a short-track speed skater, a speechwriter, and fundraising and marketing executive in the nonprofit sector, I started a boutique copywriting agency and began writing novels in the wee hours of the morning. I currently live with my husband and two feisty daughters in Calgary, Alberta.

There is some battle scenes in the book so there is a bit of violence but nothing too gory, I hate gory so I’d say so if there was.  Oops I did forget about one scene so yes there is some gore.

The sexual content is minimal so the heat factor would be 0 on a scale of 0-5.

I received a copy of Through the Door for free via Net Galley for an honest review.