Book Review: It’s a Crime by C.E. Hansen


252 Pages

Publisher:  C.E. Hansen

Sold by Amazon Digital

Language is English


Wealthy New York socialite Grace Preston uses men for amusement, holding her heart inside an ice fortress for protection. Spurned by a sociopathic male model, Grace picks up a new man with all the right moves; smooth as bourbon, Cole slides under her wall and touches her in places she thought were well-guarded. But after a weekend of fiery passion, he leaves, devastating her.
Cole Grayson has spent ten years building his commercial real estate firm and chasing the arsonist who killed his family when he was a boy. Women are a dalliance, and have no place in his personal quest. Then Grace rocks his world—not only sexually, but in her arms, his nightmares cease. To protect her, he pushes her away; he’s close to finding the culprit and Grace must not get tangled in the cross-fire.

When women matching Grace’s description start turning up dead in Central Park, Cole is forced to divide his influence between personal revenge and protection for the woman he has come to love. But throwing money at the problem only goes so far. Grace is in danger—can he get to her in time?

My Review:

This story had a 50 Shades of Grey vibe to it for me but written better, much better.  Set in New York, it’s filled with fiery love scenes, gory murder scenes, and mystery.  So this tale is not for the faint of heart.   The author wrote these scenes with vivid details and I was hooked within the first 10 pages, couldn’t put the book down.  You could feel the intensity between the two main characters, Cole and Grace; such passion and even desperation at times.   I never like to give away too much in my reviews so I’ll only say the antagonist in this story is one evil, demented SOB who is hell bent on revenge and will stop at nothing.  Which makes for an extremely intense read.   If your heart can take a few steamy satisfying sex scenes, and some very graphic murder scenes; I highly recommend this read.  Can’t wait for the next installment, It’s a Shame due out in December 2013.  You can find it on Amazon.

My heart rating for this book is 100% full: