It ALL started with spilled champagne…

When Markus Anthony accidentally bumps into the stunning Savannah at his brother’s wedding, he gets more than just a soaking wet tuxedo.

In that instance, a love he believed to be forever lost is sparked anew.
She’s more beautiful than ever, and her kiss sends him into a passionate delirium.

But there’s trouble ahead…

Will his foolish ways cause him to lose Savannah once and for all?
And who is the strange man Savannah’s been talking to in the middle of the night?


LOST LOVE is the second book in the Anthony Brother’s series and is about brother, Markus Anthony.  Lost Love was a short and sweet contemporary romance between Markus and his high school sweetheart Savannah.  I found the characters to be very relate-able.  The scenes with Markus and his brothers were my favorite and very amusing, the all for one and one for all mantra is hilarious.  LOST LOVE deals with real relationship problems and the trials and tribulations that follow them.  Will their relationship survive?  You’ll have to read it to find out!  You won’t be disappointed!  I look forward to the next installation from Harmony Bryce, Forbidden Love.  Check out the author website for a freebie!


Harmony Bryce is a true romantic and loves spreading her “feel good” feelings in her writings. She writes contemporary romance books sprinkled with love, laughter and some unexpected surprises.

Harmony adores flavorful cups of tea, opportunity shopping, and buying unique vintage and antique bric-a-brac to showcase her deep love of everything vintage. Her big loves are her family, spending time with life long friends, loving her pets and making the most of what life has to offer.

Harmony lives in beautiful Sydney, Australia. Her favourite books are series books — either reading them herself or writing them. Sometimes you fall in love with book characters that you want to see or hear about in more than one book….



Note:  I received this book for free from the author for an honest review.