Review: Corruption of the Soul by J. L. Vallance, A Guild Series Novella

Young beautiful couple is lying on the bad face to face. Top view, close up

“Love conquers all–but sometimes, it destroys everything you are.”

It’s a story that’s been told since the dawn of time.
Boy meets girl.
They fall madly in love, for happiness is written in the stars.
Their one true fate is to have happily ever after at their fingertips.
But what if it’s not?
What if every chance encounter is really a carefully orchestrated meeting
pushing you toward a greater purpose? A purpose that you’ve spent your entire existence fighting against?
Boy meets girl.
They fall madly in love.
But they’ll never come close to happily ever after,
for pain and devastation is what is truly written as their destiny.
All he wants is to feel power and all she wants is to feel complete.
Together, Aedan and Evangeline create a love big enough to bring about the destruction of Humanity, as well as themselves.


J. L. Vallance is a wife, mom, and nurse by day, while posing as a writer by night. Plagued with an overactive imagination, a lover of all things supernatural in nature, she has an extraordinary flair for the dramatic that adds flavor to life. There’s little in her world that Otis Redding and buttercream icing can’t fix. And of course, coffee always helps too. True story.


Aedan and Evangeline, my oh my what a complex couple.  My favorite characteristics of Evangeline is her ability to love and knowing her intentions and thoughts are purely done out of love.  Whether that is done for Aedan, her father, or …..  She fell hard for Aedan and who could blame her.  He is one luscious and delectable male specimen.  I was in awe of Aedan.  He knew what he wanted and he patiently waited to get it.  No one would have been able to deny Aedan what he desires.  He is calculating, devious, and his need to completely possess Evangeline was thrilling to watch.

Reading Corruption of the Soul was like watching an intricate dance that starts all elegant and delicate, then turns into a spicy salsa, and ending in angry pasodoble.  Yes I watch too many dance shows but it’s true.  This novella has the perfect beginning, middle and end.  Your heart will beat wildly for Aedan’s passion, and break for the betrayal that Evangeline suffers.

If you haven’t read DESTRUCTION OF THE SOUL then it is your next must read!


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