Happy Halloween!!! Books to movies to get you into the spirit of Halloween

Books Made Into Movies

There is just something about this time of year that I feel creative and the need to decorate for Halloween, fall, then Christmas of course. It’s like my brain is taken over by some zombie/voodoo spell.  Must buy craft stuff at Michaels or Joanns – tons of stuff I will most likely never use – beads, paint, fabric, wood cutouts – to craft things I will never complete. Crafting has always been a hobby but I’ve never been able to focus – or really afford – to make any money at it.  So I have drawers full of craft crap.

Last year I signed up to sell crafts at an event with my sis.  I decided I’d found the coolest thing ever, dog bandanas.  They slip over the collar and don’t dip into the water/food dishes.  I made like 40 of them in every theme possible.  I didn’t sell one.  Peeps were like oh those are soo cute, but a little small for people. I’d just look at them and point to the stuffed animal (dog) with the sign that said dog bandanas.  Yeah my dog bandana millionairess dream was crushed.  Oh well on to the next craft obsession.

So onto books that were made into movies that always seem to get me into the Halloween spirit.  Here are 10 of my favs in no particular order:


Practical Magic

I’ve seen this listed as a romantic comedy – give me a break.  This is a great story/movie.  The house alone is freaking awesome.  Witches, dark magic, sisterhood, I love this movie! And I love Sandra Bullock.




Lets play with a puzzle box that opens the gateway to hell.  Yeah I hate Rubiks Cubes to this day.  I was forced to watch this movie with an exboyfriend.  I hate gory horror but I went along with it to appease my ex at the time and have lived to regret it to this day.  Stuff nightmares are made of, so much blood and ugh gross stuff, unbelievable – sick minds out there. But hey if blood and guts is your thang then this movie is for you! Not judging here!!



The Witches

Yeah a kids movie, but it’s got frightening witches! Great book/movie, totally gets me in a Halloween mood watching this movie. Beware of women wearing square toed shoes and purple eyes!



Harry Potter

all the movies and books

I always love watching the HP movies in October and November.  you have ghosts, wizards, goblins, giant spiders, goblins, magic galore! How can it not get you excited for Halloween?



Silence of the Lambs 

The book scared the hell out of me first, then movie just gave me image overload. I’ll watch it anytime I see it on TV. Hannibal is like a prezombie, pure evil! I can just see him sitting at the dinner table, “Can someone pass the brains please?”



30 Days of Night

Oh. My. Gosh. Violent, gory, intense.  Chock full of vampires. But Josh Hartnett was soo cute at least until… Yeah you gotta watch it yourself!  The movie was a little long. I watched it on TV and even then I had to look away at times as I’m not into the gore thing. This movie was based on a comic book.


sleepy Sleepy Hollow

Even though I’m not a fan of JD (just way too overrated IMHO).  But I love the darkness of this story and movie. And I’ve always been a huge fan of Christina Ricci.

If you haven’t seen the TV show, check it out, it’s awesome!



The Crucible

Ok this was a screenplay not a book, but I loved it anyway! Daniel Day Lewis and Winona Ryder starred in the movie version based on the screenplay written by Arthur Miller.  His daughter, Rebecca Miller, married Daniel Day-Lewis. Lucky gal!

Peeps wrongly accused of being witches during the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials of 1692. Truly horrific. I seriously wanted to bitch slap Winona Ryder into the next century after watching this flick. 


gollum pumpkin Lord of the Rings by J. R.R. Tolkien

You’ve got hobbits, elves, dwarves, Treebeard, wizards, orcs and goblins, just to name a few.  Another set of movies I love to watch in October and November, just feels right to watch them during this time of year for some reason.  I have to admit the first time I saw Legolas, before the first movie was even released, I was in love.  Don’t tell the elf!



twi pumpk Breaking Dawn Part 2

Say what you want about the Twilight series I really don’t give a shit.  I loved the books and liked the movies.  BD2 – the final “fight” scene was phenomenal.  This book series revived my love for the vampire series.  Other than reading Ann Rice novels which just ended up grossing me out with the incest, or Stephen King which his books just no longer hold my interest, I really hadn’t found a vampire series I liked.

After the Twighlight series I found a bunch of great Paranormal series that you should check out if you like PNR:  The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward, The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and The Hallows series by Kim Harrison.

Thanks for reading and may the Halloween Spirit be with you! 

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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!! Books to movies to get you into the spirit of Halloween

  1. Charlee says:

    I love Practical Magic and I found it way scary than a “comedy” should be.

  2. Trina.ADR says:

    Me too! It’s one of those movies I have to watch when it’s on TV.

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