The Transformation of Adam Higgins by Marvin Amazon

COVERFINAL1JPG-1[1] (2)400 Pages

0957298595 (ISBN13: 9780957298590)
Synopsys: It’s been five thousand years since the gods withdrew from the galaxy, leaving the men of each planet to rule themselves. For millennia, the worlds lived in relative harmony. But once again the order has been shaken.On Corin, a prince’s courageous quest has released a ruthless demi-god that can bring the disgraced planet back to its former glory—or destroy it.On Earth, a young man is ripped across a universe he didn’t know existed and inextricably tied to an ancient conflict that he can’t begin to understand.And all the while, the immortal Siroco pursues his own mysterious ends.

My Review:
I honestly don’t read alot of Urban Fantasy books but when I do it’s either phenomenal or downright ugly.  This read was phenomenal. I was very impressed by the imagination that Marvin Amazon put into this book. Magic, Gods, hyper gods, royalty, different worlds, catastrophe’s, so much going on in this book there is never a dull moment.  Whether he was describing a wardrobe, a fighting scene, a typhoon, you felt like you were right there experiencing it with the characters and that’s what makes a book worth reading.  The story is epic and vividly detailed.  I felt like I was sucked into the book, I couldn’t put it down, I just had to know the fates of the many characters in this story.  If you are an Urban Fantasy book lover you will thoroughly enjoy it! 

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