The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost

I was recently introduced to the Night Huntress series by a friend who knows my love of paranormal romance. When I sat down to write about one of the books in the series of six book (with more to follow) I couldn’t decide which one because I loved them all!

The series revolves around Cat (half vampire-half human) and Bones (vampire) and their developing relationship that is complicated by the fact Cat is a vampire hunter. Fate has plans for these two and it is a bumpy ride for them.

Ms. Frost has a fresh view on the “monsters” of the world and integrates them into to her world seamlessly. Her take on modern day myths and use of recognizable locations helps bring you into her world.

Cat and Bones, you will be cheer for them one minute and wanting to strangle one or both of them the next. Ultimately you will be rooting for them.

You can learn more about Cat and Bones and Ms. Frost at her website:

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