Book Review: Where the Four Winds Collide by Hildie McQueen


Adeline Buckley escapes her abusive father only to find herself in a brothel, on a stagecoach to the untamed west and married to a stranger, all in that order. Plotting another escape becomes harder, the more she gets to know her new husband.

Jackson Pruitt didn’t expect a secretive mail order bride to show up the same week cattle wrestlers absconded with a large part of his herd. The bigger surprise was the loveliness of the woman. Why would a beauty like her need to travel so far to marry?

Jackson and Adeline learn that secrets and marriage do not go hand-in-hand when both of their pasts comes knocking and both have to come to grips with the reality, that sometimes trust comes only after you lose it all.

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My Review:

The story starts in Widow’s Rock, VA, 1865, with Adeline a 23 year old woman trying to escape a horribly abusive situation with her father and fiance. She ends up in the small town of Four Winds, TX, where she meets Jackson Pruitt, a lonely cattle rancher. As the tale between Adeline and Jackson wove its way into my heart, I was amazed and shocked at the twists and perils they would have to over come to get a chance at happiness together. The choice between truth and lies is something we all struggle with at one point in our lives and we all have to live with the consequences. This is a hard lesson for Adeline to learn; my heart absolutely broke for how much she went through in her young life. I held my breath nearly every page I turned praying she’d get the happiness she so much deserved.

Jackson and Heath Pruitt, now there’s a set of brothers that are nothing less than pure hot Texas cowboys. I could feel the depth of the brothers relationship; a deep bond forged from abandonment from their father and loss of their mother at such a young age. They are truly survivors. The brothers also have all the charm, wit, and handsome ruggedness you crave from a Texan. And then there’s Billy Johnson, the ex-fiance of Adeline, who is one evil SOB. But would he get his just deserts?

This is a complete historical romance that blew me away! I can’t wait for Hildie’s next in the series: Westbound Awakening which is due out October 2013.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Where the Four Winds Collide by Hildie McQueen

  1. Thank You Trina, I’m glad you enjoyed Adeline’s story! Westbound Awakening, Mae and cavalry captain John’s story willl be out October 1st!!

  2. I adore Hildie McQueen. *hangs head* I have not yet added Where the Four Winds Collide to my TBR stack.

    I’ll let my fingers take a ride to Goodreads when I leave here.

    Thanks for this reminder. Great review. Go, HILDIE!

    Thanks also for the follow on my blog. It suffers from regular weekly maintenance because I am determined to have my WIP ready to pitch at Nationals.

  3. Trina.ADR says:

    Thank you Gloria! Hildie is awesome! Good luck with your WIP!!

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